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Re: foamie pontoons on PVC frame

Postby mccutheon » Thu May 18, 2023 10:18 pm

I thought I'd do well to post an update back with my current thoughts!

I intended to use this catamaran on a lake in Nova Scotia that my girlfriend and I have a cottage on.

After reviewing some posts here, I settled on the fact that a metal frame made the most sense and I started looking around for ways to get a simple metal platform put together. I called around to different places, chatted with some people, and left some drawings with them. I found it a bit hard to get responses, and as the weeks piled on, I let things be.

A goal we have had for a few years was to finally get a floating dock on the water. This is something that we have wanted to do for a long time, esp my partner. Covid threw a wrench into our gears, and with things finally settling down, we agreed that can dive into our floating dock plans. I put my catamaran plans on hold, and focused on the floating dock, and we ultimately settled on an off-the-shelf option called multinautic, which is essentially an aluminum 5'x10' frame. We drew things out and ordered the kit, should be sweet.

I started looking at the frame, and i realized, MAN! one of these would be sweet for the platform for a catamaran! 5'x10', lightweight, strong, and built in holes in each corner for poles to go into the floats. I could recreate the tesla catamaran design using one of these platforms, using 4 poles, 1 in each corner.

Floating dock kit is on its way now, and we are going to try composite decking with hidden fasteners. I'm going to get this floating dock on the water, and then it is on.

For the control and electronics side of things, I've snagged the suggested 12v lifepo4 battery, trolling motors, motor controllers, etc etc etc.

Perhaps I'll get this dock into the water in the next couple weeks, and then I'll hop back into the pontoon plan.
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