Should we talk about homeless shelters on this forum?

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Re: Should we talk about homeless shelters on this forum?

Postby S. Heisley » Sat Jul 16, 2022 7:10 pm

friz wrote:It's great in theory. We have multiple resources for homeless in our little town. The issue has been for us, when you place rules on your shelter site, the homeless go back under the bridge. We do have a soup kitchen so at least they can get a hot meal once a day.

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It's true. Some people do not want to be in a homeless shelter. At a homeless camp in Chico, CA, some interviewed by a reporter said they prefer not to have to abide by rules and also prefer to go down near a creek or river to live, even if the shelters have heat and a/c. Still, some will see it as a step up and will accept the rules and the help that comes with it all.

I don't see it as a "one answer fits all" It may take several ideas and solutions plus it may also depend on the climate. All any of us can do is keep trying to find answers that help.
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Re: Should we talk about homeless shelters on this forum?

Postby JasenC » Tue Aug 09, 2022 6:54 pm

It's a complex issue, I know around Seattle there are many many homeless, often the motorhomers, that aren't there by choice and go to work everyday like the rest of us, they just can't afford rent, get passed a rental credit check or can't make the down payment and deposit.
Some prefer their freedoms over shelter rules.
Seattle tried some tiny homes but after a number of stabbings, rapes, shootings and drug dealing they abandoned the idea.
There are so many people that live right on the edge, it only takes one visit to the ER, an abscessed tooth, broke down car, a slow down at work and they can't make rent.
And then there's the mental illness of many homeless.
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