2022-2024 Ford Maverick Tow Rigs - anyone running one?

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2022-2024 Ford Maverick Tow Rigs - anyone running one?

Postby FischAutoTechGarten » Sat Jun 22, 2024 2:25 am

Sold my anemic 06 Nissan Frontier XE 4cyl 2wd 5spd Kingcab. It struggled to pull my small pop-up camper at elevation and my wife will no longer operate a stick shift.
We purchased a 2024 Ford Maverick Lariat EcoBoost w/ AWD and 4K Tow.

Will be building a 5x8 utility trailer from a kit that will serve a purpose until I retire soon... Then it will become the foundation of a CLC TearDrop build. It will have the Integrated Storage, so a bit more frontal area than the stock CLC build.

I'll also have a cap, the A.R.E MX high rise.

So, looking for anecdotes from those of you pulling lightweight campers with a Maverick. Doesn't matter if it's Hybrid, EcoBoost, FWD, AWD, 2K or 4K Tow. How is it? Do you also have a cap installed?
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Re: 2022-2024 Ford Maverick Tow Rigs - anyone running one?

Postby gudmund » Mon Jun 24, 2024 10:27 am

go back 5/6 sections here in this tow vehicle section here under "What does everybody use as a tow vehicle?" and open up it's latest page = there is someone showing their tow vehicle as the same as yours.
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