Margaritas? I love Chili's but....

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Postby ARKPAT » Tue May 06, 2008 8:08 pm

oklahomajewel Posted: Thu May 01, 2008 8:54 pm Post subject: Margaritas? I love Chili's but....


I'm not an expert by any means, and pretty much novice when it comes to mixing drinks ! haha

I love the Presidente margaritas at Chili's and I know they have Presidente Brandy in them....

I LOVED TonyJ's mango margaritas at LCG last year...

so help me out, so I don't drink up TOO TOO much tequila during the try and error process, but what is a really good , smooth margarita 'recipe'.

Thanks !

Julie I cheat;
Jose Cuervo Mix in a bottle, Tequila
( Traditional Tequilas
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and ice then and the salted glass.


Oh; yes I like the Mix above with out the tequila ( virgin margarita ) in the summer as a refreshing drink.


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Postby cincin » Tue May 06, 2008 11:32 pm

Hey Steve,
I like your set up. It's very nice.

Cindy :)
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Postby Greywolf » Sun Aug 30, 2009 6:08 pm

We use:
3 parts Tequila
2 parts roses sweetened lime juice
1 part triple sec
blend with ice.
If you want it on the rocks I sometimes add 1 part water to tone it down a bit.

We also like to use "On the Border" Margarita bucket mix. Just open the bag, pour it in the bucket with 25 oz of tequila (or 1 750 ml bottle), mix it up and pour it over ice. Or you can put the bucket in the frezzer if you like frozen margaritas. Even comes with a packet of salt.

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Postby Gaston » Wed Sep 02, 2009 7:35 pm

And.. if you don't salt the rim and it just don't quite taste right, try a shake of salt in it. rounds out the flavor and mellows the bite of the lime :thumbsup:
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Postby dmb90260 » Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:09 pm

3:2:1 is the right mix. I just use Controy from Mexico instead of Triple Sec.
On the rocks, slushed, with or without salt, always good. I think my mother changed her name to Marguerite for reason and I can respect that and toast it often. :lol:
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Postby starleen2 » Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:52 pm

. . . And to think that I thought there was only one way to make a Margarita - how naive of me :oops: :oops:
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Postby rebapuck » Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:57 pm

Here is the Chili's recipe

SERVES 1 (change servings and units)

1 1/4 ounces tequila (SAUZAS COMMEMORATIVO)
1/2 ounce Cointreau liqueur
1/2 ounce brandy (PRESIDENTE)
4 ounces liquid sweet and sour cocktail mix
1/8-1/4 fluid ounce lime juice (splash)
1Place all ingredients in a Bar Shaker. Shake-up very well. Pour over a salt rimmed margarita glass filled with ice
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Postby 8 » Sat Nov 07, 2009 11:22 pm

Ah, the Wabo Rita. Thanks prohandyman for reminding me. I had one of those made by Sammy himself at a concert back in Fall of 97 at the House of Blues in Orlando. During an intermission, he made drinks and passed them out. I was close enough to the stage to actually get some. He even squeezed the limes himself. Good stuff.
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Postby Arne » Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:12 am

quote: Bob's your uncle is a commonly used expression known mainly in Britain, Ireland and Commonwealth nations. It is often used immediately following a set of simple instructions and carries roughly the same meaning as the phrase "and there you have it" or "quickly"; for example, "To make a ham sandwich, simply put a piece of ham between two slices of buttered bread, and Bob's your uncle."

If you drink enough, he might become your aunt... :}
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Postby Mauleskinner » Fri Nov 13, 2009 1:11 am

I'm told tequila and Mountain Dew make a decent margarita in a pinch... :D
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Postby Anxious to Tear » Sun Jan 31, 2010 3:19 pm

I know this is a very old thread, but I'm new here. How about this margarita recipe for super easy. Large can frozen limeade, same can filled with white tequilla, one light colored beer, one sprite/7up, etc. You'll be surprised how good this is!
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Postby cuyeda » Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:15 pm

My favorite recipes (one shaken, one blended) have been mentioned in other posts above. Fresh lime juice is the second key ingredient.

When camping, I like a good (sipping) tequila straight up. No need for ice!
One of my favorites.

For $23.99, Costco sells a 3yr. anejo Tequila. In my opinion it rivals some of the better anejos, taking into consideration it is only $23.99 that is a deal for quality tequila. That is my tip for the day folks.

About once every other month I participate in a tequila tasting club event! Yum!
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Postby Facemeltingly Epic » Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:19 pm

cuyeda wrote:When camping, I like a good (sipping) tequila straight up. No need for ice!

Same here. My preference is Patron reposado.

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Postby mikeschn » Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:23 pm

Steve_Cox wrote:
But for summer camping, frozen made with a mix is pretty good :D

I'm with Steve on this one...
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Re: Margaritas? I love Chili's but....

Postby Dave Gray » Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:17 pm

1 part Tequila (1 oz.) (3 oz.) (2 cups)
1/2 part Triple Sec (1/2 oz.) (1 1/2 oz.) (1 cup)
1/4 part Rose's Lime juice (1/4 oz.) (3/4 oz.) (1/2 cup)
1 1/2 parts Sweet and Sour mix (1 1/2 oz.) (4 1/2 oz.) (3 cups)

A glass filled with ice reduces the volume by one half.
The first set of measurements are for a 7 or 8 oz. rocks glass filled with ice and will keep the bartender hopping.
The second set are for the Red Solo Cup crowd with ice.
The third set are for a half gallon pitcher without ice.

BONUS RECIPE: I call it the "The beer Drinkers Whiskey Drink" because you get about the same volume per drink and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. aka Lynchburg Lemonade
1 part Jack Daniels
1 part Triple Sec
1 part Sweet and Sour mix
4 parts Sprite
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