Mi esposas Tex Mex make and take recipes.

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Mi esposas Tex Mex make and take recipes.

Postby dbhosttexas » Tue Jun 22, 2021 5:35 pm

Our family is pretty typical of Texas familiies in that we have a wide background that includes a LOT of the cultural and food heritage that makes up the Lone Star State.

Because of this, we have a slew of family recipes that we use for Tex Mex (Among others) a lot of the work can be done at home for make and take. All you need to do in camp is heat, assemble and eat...

Tex Mex Instant pot refried beans. I am very conservative with the salt here so you may want to bump it up some if you like what salt does.

Tex Mex Pico De Gallo. The A form of chunky salsa that allows you to dive into a fresh veggie explosion of flavor. Jalapeno optional. Please don't ever try using canned / pickled Jalapeno in this. The results will not be a happy thing... https://youtu.be/4-rAWGJQNpE

Chilequiles. This is the Tex Mex variant, not exactly what you would get in say Cancun or anywhere like that, but you want a Tex Mex veggie and meat egg scramble? This is it! https://youtu.be/3-WsaugKUvY

I'll be doing some more recipe videos soon. Watch for.

Copycat and improved Taco Bell style Mexican Pizzas. (You'll need an oven of some sort).

Coleman Oven Enchiladas Verde.

Fajitas Texanas con cebollas y pimientos asados. (Texas style fajitas with grilled onions and peppers).

Elotes Texanas asados. (Texas style grilled corn on the cob, the trick isn't the grilling, it's the topping. we invite some creole spice in here...)

And I think we will throw in.

Salchicha frita, col y cebolla. A.K.A. fried sausages with cabbage and onions. A Tex Mex variant, minus the potatoes, of Bratkartoffeln Mit Kraut. I'll do that one later too...
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