The Design Library

Happiness is the design library...

This is a reconstruction of a library that Angib put together for the forum... Thanks to forum members in this thread for their help!

If you find something missing, or a misdirected page, let me know here:

Current Designs

the wanderer 8/10
The Wanderer 8/10
A tiny ’standy’ on a HF trailer

Pico Light
The Pico-Light
A small, ultralight teardrop

Ultralight Chassis
The Ultralight Chassis
A simple home-meade frame

The Grumman 2
A new design in the style of a classic teardrop

The Widget
A 10ft winter version of the Midget

The Compact
A 10ft 'square' with lifting roof

The 2 + 2
A 12ft teardrop with extra berths
for two teenage children

The Campster 12
A 12ft family teardrop

The Simple
The most basic square 4x8ft body to go on a Harbor Freight trailer

The Rimple
A rounded version of The Simple

Lightweight New Cub
A European version of the New Cub

The Allwood
Yes, it’s all wood

Design Tools – Information to help you with your own design

Drawing Ellipses
How to draw ellipses
for absolute beginners.

Trailer Balance
How to calculate hitch weight and an estimating spreadsheet to download

Tongue Strength
How strong does it need to be?

Drawbar Strength
to ISO7641-1

Superseded Designs – These older designs are included here for completeness and may give you some ideas for your own design.

Trailer for Two
The original 'Trailer for Two' from
1947 Mechanix Illustrated.

New Kampmaster
A lightly modified design for contemporary materials.

'Square Teardrop'
What happens if the classic
teardrop profile is squared-off.

Harbor Freight Trailer
The Trailer for Two redrawn to fit on the popular 4x8ft trailer kit.

New Cub
The most beautiful teardrop shape there is?

The Roswell
A mythical trailer?

Another squared-off mini trailer.

Jim Dandy Sportsman
A version of this unusual 'wrong
way round' teardrop

An ultra-lightweight trailer for the
very smallest cars, in 2D and 3D.

The Amazing Trailerboat
Is this madness or what? A trailer with an integrated dinghy.

Dink Carrier
A small trailerboat

Canoe-Carrying Trailer
A square trailer designed for
carrying a canoe.

Motorcycle Camper
A fold-out camping trailer
design for motorcycles.

The Dinette
A 10ft 'square-ish'

The Scotty 12ft
A rear-door trailer with interior galley from 1959

Pop-Up Truck Campers
Not trailers at all!